Thursday, August 04, 2005

the Carnys this Saturday August 6th at the Empty Bottle

Our Bob Taylor brings his home-away-from-home band of Carnys up from San Marcos, TX this Saturday, August 6th, to the Empty Bottle. HEAR Bob's one of a kind voice-on-a-spit in its most natural setting: fronting the hurdy gurdy sounds of Grady Roper on carnival organ and Wade Driver (of Hickoids fame) on drums. Grady and Wade also make up Attic Ted a masked lonesome bastard son of the Carnys. Attic Ted is touring to promote their newest release.

You don't get many chances in this life to hear the Carnys so come on down.

In the meantime relax and enjoy some comedy.

Oh and you can check out a song THE LATEST recorded with Grady Roper at his home with Grady playing clarinet and Mike on the circus organ.


Powergirl said...

Wade is an old friend of mine. We went to high school together.

Kilian said...

Turned out Wade couldn't make it. The original Carnys drummer, Kobe (sorry I don't know his last name) flew in for the shows in Chicago. It was great. If/when Attic Ted plays Houston, they're definitely worth checking out. In fact they would fit in well with Bobbindoctrin. They wear homemade masks and keep a collection of them on the front of the stage for the audience to wear.