Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tonight - > Red Hot Poker Dots. THE LATEST booking hits a snag.

Come out tonight to Martyr's and get there early for the Red Hot Poker Dots - 6 bucks chEAp. You won't regret it. Read why this something-billy band is the hardest working band in Australia.

Okay so THE LATEST's November "Go East Young Man->" Tour hit its first snag. We want to play Hank's Saloon. We've heard it's a great place to play and some of the regulars and workers there have hung out with us in Chicago. So we got in touch (and on their behalf I have to say they were very responsive and friendly) but they said they have an "All-Americana Format" now and while they liked our music it didn't fit their new thing.

I'm sorry but I don't get "All-Americana Format" or at least how THE LATEST doesn't qualify as such. A lot of what I hear as "americana" sounds like drippy old Irish folk ballads or something. What gives? Btw, is Stevie Wonder americana?

Anyone have suggestions for places to play/contacts going East, particularly Brooklyn? Hank's suggested a place called Magnetic Fields.

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