Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tonight check out Norah's Rock Show - Bottom Lounge

Norah Utley's having a good year by my reckoning: Got some great records out on her label; got herself hitched to one of Chicago's most eligible bachelors; profiled in the Reader back in April; she's in one of the best bands on SSR, and her show tonight got a pick in the Reader and UR Chicago.

If you've only seen Mike play bass with THE LATEST (well he does play a couple of tunes on guitar), then you gotta see him on the six string and singing like D. Boone reincarnated with Headache City tonight.

From Norah (tonight's schedule at Bottom Lounge):

The BUSY SIGNALS (Oh baby!)

HEADACHE CITY (first show in Chicago in FOUR MONTHS!)

The MARKED MEN (From Texas, best band ever! This is their Shit Sandwich 7" release show, don't expect to get a 7" at it though, as they are still at the stinkin' pressing plant!)

MOTO (Whaddaya know!)

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