Thursday, March 23, 2006

Houston Indie Post Punk Purple Rain Band playing Chicago Tonight (Friday)

Bring Back the Guns formerly the Groceries from H-town are playing tonight at South Union Arts Center. They're traveling with KillRockStar recording artists Dada Swing (these Italian hipsters have some cool guitar work that reminds me of early Butthole Surfer anti-tuning licks, well it's not quite tBS but they're cuter anyway).

Back when they were only just the Groceries, the now lethal BBtG may have had a few too many epithets thrown at them: post punk, indie, pop...whatever...they were always good and their singer can really belt 'em. I remember a darn good rendition of Purple Rain. I wonder if that is still on the set list?

Late notice, but they're playing tonight at South Union Arts Center - a fairly new and ultra-cool venue on the southside. SUAC is a converted 1880's church complete with a neon cross and a baptismal thingy. I'm going, are you?


bethany said...

i really dug the groceries and was on their mailing list for a while.. there was one guy in the band i thought was nice (fellow scenester, maybe frens in common i dunno) but occasionally i thought he gave off a 'i'm a rockstarasshole' type vibe, probably cuz i thought he was somebody else .. is that wierd? cute as he could be, but a bit fullo himself.

Kilian said...

May be but then that can be a desired quality or perhaps a necessity for a pop star. This isn't a shoe gazer band which is a relief to this listener. I like some extraverted smugness in my pop rocking. It suits me better than "the I'm so full of myself I can't even look at you" types.

Btw, Bring Back the Guns put on a great show, but they didn't play Purple Rain. My friend shouted out a request for it at the end of the set and Thomas, the drummer, groaned and kept taking apart his drum set. I shall only tip him fitty cents next time I'm up at Rudz, the bastard.

When Dada Swing played I tried to find meaning in a trio of Romans playing twisted secular music on the altar of an old Chicago church but the image was l'Age D'or surreal enough without reading into it.