Monday, March 20, 2006

me olde neighborhood

This is kind of cool - a feature about the Queens neighborhood where I spent my early childhood - from 1-8 yrs old. We had chinese tenants in the basement who made cheap jewelry and made the place smell nice. My best friends were pakistani and nordic. For some reason we were steered away from the "spanish." Sometimes it was because, we were told, they had lice.

The irish were all but gone from the 'hood when I came along. In fact us Sweeneys were the last of the bunch at least on our block,l Alstyne Avenue.

I sure heard a great mix of music growing up - the irish songs my grandparents always sang, my mother's german children songs, my father's Saturday morning italian opera belt-outs, the "spanish" music booming down the street, and the spooky rock & roll of the town "hoodlums" who my young aunt knew by name (and that always impressed me).

It ain't Archie Bunker's Queens no more.


P.S. The Flash bit is a quick look.

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