Thursday, March 16, 2006

a new twist on rock show flyers

Rock show promotions technique has taken a big leap in recent months with the largely effective and widely used internet services of MySpace. One aspect that I appreciate is the ability to make a digital flyer work. Generally I hate digital flyer printouts but if they remain in the digital world they can look pretty good. The only trouble is until recently internet promotion wasn't so effective. It was hard to get people to regularly go to your particular website; and email systems vary so much that formating a fancy flyer in that manner wasn't guaranteed to get to your intended recipients. That being said, now that the internet is a much more viable format for show promotions what's to stop promotions technique from growing and stepping out of the four color silk screen format we all know and love so well? I'm all for seeing more of these (good job Mr. Hawthorne and Linus Pauling Quartet)...

Oh and LP4, Texas Phsychedelic Monstrosity extraordinaire, has recently made available online their second album, for Free! Check it out.

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