Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tuesday Night the Spinns: a message from Roberto

North Carolina garage rockers, the Spinns, play Cal's Liquor tomorrow Tuesday the 14th. They've got stuff out on the NC label Demon Beach Records; you can check the tunes out on MySpace. And if you don't think they can rock the house, here's what Roberto Cofresi of New Town Drunks has to say about them...

"the spinns can groove a rock beat so well that a couple of weeks ago they played a house party and people were so uncontrolably bouncing up and down that the floor support cross beams broke and the hardwood floor sank in. the floor boards didnt break but the whole floor was bouncing up and down like a trampolin, with the band in the middle getting lower and lower with every beat. Even then the crowd didnt stop and neither did the band (even though the girl who lived there kept trying to get people to step out of the living room, but as long as the music was going, it was an impossible task, even I stood there bouncing up and down thinking, this is awesome, the floor is bouncing, but didnt really think of getting the hell out of there before it went. But it didnt go! In the end the floor was separated from the walls by anywhere between 6' and a foot depending where you were, and that was along the edges, in the middle it was more.Anyways, I thought that was pretty amazing. "

*photo courtesy of Demon Beach Records


Chris said...

Rob Walsh? Why does that name sound so familiar.

Kilian said...

Wrote songs for muppets?

I don't think this particular Rob Walsh has a history - he's a youngin'.

Btw, Hi Chris!