Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Love Story in Blood Red

If you liked Devin Davis' Lonely People of the World, Unite! you'll dig Love Story in Blood Red. The commanalities don't end at a mutual love for British guitar pop. Devin employs LSiBR bandmates for his live shows and LSiBR guitarist, Kris Poulin, takes some engineering credit for Davis' opus. Kris is a damn good engineer in his own right so you can be sure that all of Love Story's recordings are crisp ear candy.

I know first hand the excellence of Mr. Poulin's studio handy work. He recorded THE LATEST's album. And when disclexington's Sunken Monastery Studio acquired an 8 track 1/2" reel machine, Kris came over, tinkered with it and showed us how to use it. Turns out he has the same machine in his studio. But you don't have to take our word, Kris has worked with many great bands including Bonnie Prince Billie, the Ponys and the Ancient Greeks.

A great studio band can sometimes be a frightful thing on stage but that is definitely not the case with LSiBR. These guys are solid live with masterful vocal harmonies reminiscent of another great Chicago Brit Pop foursome, the M's. Lead singer Jason Frederick can handle the ballad like he's Joe Jackson or rock it like Mr. Davies.

You can download LSiBR efforts (and I think you should) directly from the band site. Their excellent first album is download-able in its entirety via one big zip file, or individually in mp3 format.

Check them out Friday Night at the Gallery Caberet and come early because the support will be fantastic (and I'm not just saying that because I'm in the opener he he). churchbus starts things off playing four almost brand spanking new songs, followed by the all-girl powerhouse - the Spoken Four.

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