Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Track du Jour: Stag Party

Artist: Stag Party
Track: Harmonix
Location: Chicago
Date: 03-02-2006
Comment: Stag Party recorded an EP and hoped to have it released on an indie label instead they released it for free to you and to me. It may not be the next big thing, but the EP is well worth a listen and you can download it from their site for Free! If you didn't see Stag Party live, check out this review from the Reader to see what you missed:

"I don't know how I didn't hear of these local drama kings sooner: in a little more than two years they've opened for Interpol, !!!, David Thomas & Two Pale Boys, and Gravy Train!!!!, and now they're headlining the Bottle on a Friday night. They've got the tense, careening go-go guitar and nasal, pissed-off vocals of PiL plus the histrionic creepiness of Nervous Gender, and they're glammy in a way that's halfway between Bryan Ferry and T. Rex. The song structures on their forthcoming debut EP are like unraveling story lines: the melancholy bass tiptoes around the guitar like a cartoon injun stalking a cowboy's timid horse, which gallops off in a panic and leaves a sparkling cloud of disco-scented dust. The schizoid vocals drift into and out of focus--sometimes in hot pursuit of the rest of the group, sometimes distant and detached--and the hi-hat-happy drums chop the whole picture into confetti. Usually when I do a lot of name-dropping to describe a band, it's because they're too boring and derivative to praise on their own terms--and these guys definitely have one foot in the trendy dance-punk camp. The other foot's the one that counts, though. Trust me--Stag Party's shameless affectation is breathtaking. --Liz Armstrong"

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Stag Party said...

Hey! What the fuck? We're not dead! We're taking a nap, catching some shut-eye, and resting our eyes. The Stags shall rise again when we're damn well rested.

Kilian said...

Yipes, sorry about that. I misunderstood Bill (we play together in THE LATEST). I will correct the original post.

Good to know that Stag Party ain't dead. Now get some rest.

Rachel said...

*Yawn* Much obliged.

Anonymous said...

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